Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sensory Immersion in Writing

So, I have this weird thing about scent in writing. I think it comes from the fact that I have chronic sinus problems and my sense of smell is very dull. So I describe scents in my writing quite a bit.

I tend to write about vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures with enhanced senses of smell too so there's that too. Plus I know how much predators rely on that specific scent. My father did study wolves for 14 years when I was growing up before switching to the medical field. Yes, I was raised with wolves, but that's another story for another time. Then there's the fact that I grew up watching the X-Men cartoon and Wolverine was always my favorite character.

What all of this means is that I also have very specific scents for my characters. This even transfers in fanfic too. I also know people who freak out if someone start using a different shampoo or what not because they stop smelling like them. (My husband almost throws a fit when I use a product that "covers my natural scent" because he registers scent with so much.) Not to mention different scents trigger different feelings and whatnot.

Some characters I know right off the bat what they smell like.

Forest always smelled like lavender. Another character smells like peppermint. My shapeshifting wolf guy who's not a werewolf smells like sun warmed fur with musk. (I know this sounds weird, but smell a healthy, clean dog that's been playing in the sun on a pleasantly warm day. It's a nice scent.) My Japanese monster huntress smells like green tea and ginger with a hint of chocolate (because she eats it all the time). Another character smells like sandalwood and cinnamon.

Then there are other characters who I cannot figure out what they smell like to safe my life. I can know all the details of their life- what car they drive, the fact that they like deep fried food, that they wear red Converse sneakers and tattered jeans. And they're pretty important characters. I can write their speech patterns with my eyes practically closed. Yet, I have no clue what the hell they smell like.

And this bothers me to no end. To the point where I start to obsess about it because it's going to be something I'll use in a later on story. They're an important character; a possible love interest for an important main character.

Hell, I know what their fucking brother smells like, but not him.

And it bugs me.

In other news though, I'm probably going to have a rant on "strong female characters" pretty soon.

And in other, other news, my JukePop Serial hit the top 30 for the Month of September.  If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out, please do give The Law Unto Herself Chronicles a look.

If I don't make another entry until then, Happy Halloween!

Yes, I Like Odd Music

So, I have this really good friend named Brian who has some rather eccentric music tastes.  Last night he was introducing me to all sorts of fantastic and amazing things while my husband and another friend were working on cosplay stuff.  The two of us were watching YouTube videos until like 3:00 AM.

Some of this stuff is so amazing that I have to share it.  Like this:

(And the chick in this video is insanely hot.)

I'll just leave this here for you to enjoy.

And yes, I do love heavy metal.