Monday, March 18, 2013

The Law Unto Herself Chronicles

Bare, glowing white feet left patches of frost with each step they took. Her breath was loud and she could hear her heart thundering in her ear as she ran. A branch grabbed the edges of the once fashionable dress she had been wearing, and Eirwin tugged at it.

Silk the color of midnight skies tore, ice spread across the branch, and she pulled free. Tiny, freezing puffs of air spilling forth from her lips caused the air around it to steam. She kept running, her keen ears picking up the sound of foot falls behind her. Trees and heated air became a blur around her as she forced power from the Earth into her limbs to move swiftly and to keep from tiring.

The side effect of that was that her feet left patches of hard frost with each step, giving her pursuers a clear path of where she had been and where she was going. Her glowing hands trembled as she looked around, aware of an owl watching her flight in a tree above. She paused for a moment, and looked around. Frost rippled into pure ice, enveloping blades of summer grass in a fine coating of ice as the temperature dropped even further in the forest.

Did this catch your interest?

I hope it did.

You know, I love Urban Fantasy, stuff like Jim Butcher and the Anita Blake books before it became more erotica than fighting monsters. There's just something fun about a heroine with a big gun and a smart mouth going up against things that could rightfully pound her into the ground. Throw in one bitching muscle car and a dash of heavy metal (Iron Maiden of course) for good measure and The Law Unto Herself Chronicles are born.

Forest is a vampire hero not into brooding and moping about her eternal existence or the mountain of sins she's committed like other "heroic" vampires in popular culture. There's an innocence about her, a simplicity, about a nineteen year old Celtic warrior with a hero complex. A hero complex that has raised the ire and garnered fear amongst vampires and other supernatural creatures.

So, I invite you to check out The Law Unto Herself Chronicles . It's free and you might find something you'll enjoy reading. If you do enjoy it, which I hope you will, I suggest you vote on the story, and better yet "Bookshelf" the story so you can receive updates on Forest and Friends' further adventures!

Vampires Don't Fucking Sparkle.

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